The consumer path of engagement is changing. In today's multi-device enviornment, a customer can start their search for a product or good on a smart phone, browse their iPad for reviews on your company, consume push marketing via television commercials, price shop/compare on their desktop, physically walk into a store to make a purchase, and then spread the word about their experience(s) about you to their social network. If that wasn't scary enough, now they also have the power to live video their entire network and show them in real time whatever experience they have with you! Even if they decide not to do it live (to hide the fact that they are video'ing you) you could just as easily 'go viral' when they upload it to YouTube where it will be forever... documenting whatever it is you did or did not do for the customer. I don't know about you but to me this is a whole new world that we live in and you better get tech savvy if you want to not only survive, but thrive!
You need a digital media company to help you understand this process and help you connect with potential customers at each of these potential engagement points. That's why we offer a fully integrated approach to your interactive marketing strategy, providing you with the right audience at the right moment and time to properly interact and engage your customers to drive conversions and revenue. You see its not enough to simply bring traffic to your website, you must actually resonate enough with them so that they want to get in touch with you through your website. That happens via your contact forms, tap to call buttons, joining your social networks, live chat or any other conversion elements you include on your website.

If you’ve ever engaged an advertising agency before you may be aware of the standard process that marketing companies and agencies use to ‘learn’ your business and kick off your campaign. Regardless, if your a plastic surgeon looking for plastic surgery marketing or an enterprise software vendor looking for global domination we have the process to help you.When you consider Chiasmus, throw that out the window and prepare to rethink the entire client, agency, campaign relationship and how you’ll work with us. We’re a different kind of marketing company. One that is focused solely on your results. We work with our clients on an individual basis to create a search engine marketing plan that fits your unique needs. Whether that includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing, social media optimization or driving traffic through paid media we can help you. If you’re website is not up to speed we can also build you a new high tech website with all the bells and whistles designed to rank well in Google.

Our media company is different, we’re more of a marketing company that can utilize our expert team as a weapon against your competition. Would you like to obliterate your competition in your local market? That’s step one in our process; evaluating competitors and fine tuning a strategy to completely dominate them. If any competitor is doing better than you in the search engine’s we’ll take them out and get you ranking above them.

Besides competitor analysis of search engine results we’ll also formulate you’re maintenance plan. The first part of our marketing work for you will be to get you in front of your potential customers and then step two Is the maintenance part where we’ll describe the marketing activities needed to maintain your top listings on Google and other major search engines.

So if you're ready to lace up your sneakers and start marketing your website online than let's talk! The very first step to getting in touch with web development and marketing company is to fill out the form on our contact page. Once you fill out the form on our contact page we'll give you a call to discuss your marketing needs. During this initial consultation we ask that all key stakeholders are present so that we can truly learn about your specific campaign goals, budgets, brand standards/restrictions or any other constraints that you may want us work within. Working with our media company is always a profitable venture for you as we aim to deliver and report on your return on investment each and every month. Let's talk! Frequently Asked Questions

One of the benefits of working with us is that we have a very wide and deep range of experience being in business so long. We have worked through a lot of different scenarios and company types. We’ve handled many emergencies as well as carefully planned out initiatives and everything in between. That’s not to say that we aren’t open to learning more because learning never ends… but our experience definitely helps us shortcut your road to profitability. Here’s the most common questions we’ve received over the years;

The answers to all of those questions will be explained on very brief intro call along with some in depth strategy that we’ll cover for you.